Discipleship University

Realize that learning about our Lord and Savior from the study of the Bible is incredibly important and essential! They are the primary and best means for us to learn and grow in our walk with Christ. All Christians who are serious about their faith should be discipled and or be in a good Bible study or a small group that is studying the Bible.

The Bible is a book that is different from every other book in the world. When we study it and begin to understand it and live by its teachings, we are becoming obedient to God and fulfilling His purpose for us in our lives on earth. Here are five ways you can begin to make God's Word, the Bible, central to your life each and every day.

Classes Starting in January...

1)  Meets on Fridays (1:00pm-3:00pm)

Begins on Friday, January 13th

Facilitator: Jackie Gomeyac 

2)                        Meets on Wednesdays (6:45pm-7:45pm)

Begins of Wednesday, January 11th

Facilitator: Pastor Kevin