Activity Center Policies

AREA REGULATIONS RECEPTION CENTER - Our Recreation Staff and volunteer Staff are here to assist you.  Guest information cards and release form are to be completed at the Reception Desk on first visit.  If under 18 years of age, must bring back form on next visit with parent’s signature. All equipment can be checked out and returned to this area as well.  No equipment maybe taken from the Reception Center without the Activities Center Staff issuing it.  Only authorized persons are permitted in this area.

TV/SNACK AREA - All food and drinks are to be kept in this area The television in this area is there for your enjoyment, but should be viewed with high Christians standards. Programs that may be offensive to others should not be watched.

GAME ROOM - Every game has proper rules.  Players are expected to respect them.  Game tables are not to be moved, rearranged or sat upon.  Game equipment can be checked out from the Reception Desk and is to be used for its intended purpose.  Persons under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian while in the game room and must be assisted by them while using the games.  Food, drink and gum are not allowed in this area.

MEN’S & WOMEN’S LOCKER/DRESSING ROOMS - For safety reasons, it is especially important that under-age children be closely supervised by a parent or adult guardian while in this area.  Participants should not leave valuables in an    unsecured area. Lockers are available in restrooms. Guest are responsible for bringing and keeping their own lock.  Please assist in keeping this area clean by picking up your own towels and dirty clothes.

GYMNASIUM - Participants should wear non-marking court shoes. Personal equipment should be clearly marked.   Appropriate length shorts, along with other suitable attire are required at all times. A signed Gymnasium Court Guideline is required by all participants.  Only the Activities Center Staff can adjust basketball goals. No hanging will be allowed on any goal. No dunking on goals.  Closed water bottles may be used, but other drinks and food are not allowed in the gymnasium area, except when the floor is covered. No gum is allowed in the gymnasium area. Items should not be thrown down from   or up to the track area. 

FITNESS ROOM - Because this is a highly specialized area, all users must participate in a fitness room orientation before using the area.  Adults over the age of 16 may use the exercise room.  Individuals ages 14-16 may use the Fitness Room, with parental supervision. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the Fitness Room. Participants may keep a record of their personal fitness on cards that will be kept at the Reception Desk. Because this is a coed facility, modest apparel should be worn at all times.  No food, drink, or gum is allowed in the Fitness Room.

WALKING/RUNNING TRACK - 13 laps around the track is one mile.  Hand held lap-counters are available for check-out from the Reception Desk.  Nothing should be thrown from the track to the gym floor or up to the walking track.  Participants should not sit on or lean over the safety rail. Running is allowed on the track, when not in use by other walkers. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult while on the track.

ENTERING AND EXITING - There are several exterior doors to the Activities Center. The front door to the lobby area is the only door that may be used to enter and exit the building during normal hours of operation.  Others doors are for Emergency Exit Only.

INTERPRETATION OF POLICIES - The Activities Center Staff or the Volunteer Staff persons will be responsible for interpreting and enforcing all rules.  Courteously, keeping in mind you represent the Church as a Christian.  Any situation not specifically covered in these policies will be dealt with as the need arises,at the discretion of  a) Volunteer Staff, b) Activities Center Staff,  c) the Recreation Council. 

EMERGENCY PROCEDURES - Medical Emergencies - the Activities Center is equipped with basic first aid supplies.In the event of any type of injury or medical emergency, notify the Volunteer Staff or the Activities Center Staff immediately to determine whether to call 911. At no time should an injured person be moved except by trained personnel. The Activities Center Staff will make a written medical emergency report of each incident.

LOST AND FOUND - The lost and found box is located at the Reception Desk. Lost items will be returned to the owner when requested and properly identified.  Participants are encouraged to put their names on all personal items, such as warm-ups, shoes, equipment bags, etc. Items left for more than 30 days will be donated to a charitable organization


Participants who are representing First Baptist Church, Lithia Springs in activities either inside or outside the Activities Center are expected to conduct themselves in a Christian manner at all times. Participants may be members or prospects for First Baptist Church, Lithia Springs

Update March  11, 2015

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